Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Did you ever go to summer camp..?!

Some of my best memories were made at summer camp on Orcas Island!

Singing songs, acting in skits, camping, hiking, first kisses and lasting friendships all contributed to the magic of camp. Camp food, for all its lore, also played a role in the adventure. They had a great baker for a couple summers when bread, cakes and pies graced the tables often and my pants size went up a notch. I think when my parents visited my dad said, “You look so healthy.” I teased him saying, “is that parent code for chubby?” Then there was the accidental discovery that sunflower seeds and cottage cheese are a tasty combination…all because a few seeds drifted over to the cottage cheese at the salad bar. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese. Mostly, I loved them, but on occasion the texture was just too much. The sunflower seeds completely changed the texture and therefore cured my occasional disdain for the small curds. (Feel free to try this at home, by the way.) My most poignant food memory from camp was the Spam cooked over the campfire. The salty, fatty meat tasted so good when I was camping in the islands, English muffin pizzas with Spam could not be beat! At least that is what I tried to convince my mom when I got home. I begged her to buy some Spam for us. She was skeptical, but rather than try to dissuade us, she knew all she had to do was succumb to our request and let the Spam do the rest. Sure enough, spam at home did not live up to the camp memory and we quickly swore off the Specially Processed Animal Meat (SPAM), at least until the next summer.

If you loved camp as much as I did, or if you never got to go to summer camp, perhaps now is the time to build some new camp memories. Mataio’s Culinary Intensive has all the makings of a fabulous camp experience. You will spend the days with a group of other food lovers, cooking, learning and eating. This quarter the hands-on intensive class will be taught over four Wednesdays , May 27th through June 17th. We promise not to make you sing or do skits. Your knife skills will surely be better than my attempts at archery. By the end you will have new friends, an understanding of balancing flavors and the skills and confidence to go home and start cooking without the book!

Look below to see some of the comments we have received from past Cooking Intensive students.

Mataio: It's been almost a month since our Cooking Intensive Classes ended and I wanted to let you know what has changed for me since I studied with you.

As you know, I considered myself a fairly accomplished cook before taking the Intensive. My goal was to study with you rather than achieve any specific learning goals. Over this past month I've noticed fairly dramatic changes in how I approach cooking (which I have always loved)… So you turned me into a cook rather than someone who cooks. I think and act differently. And, while I never thought it would be possible, I'm enjoying cooking even more.

Mille grazie, my friend.
Love always, Carol Harrington

Hey Jessica & Mataio!

I’ve been thinking fondly of last year’s intensive class – I think it was about this time of year, yes? – and I’ve been meaning to send you a quick hello but never got around to it. Hello! I just finishing reading Orangette’s book and I finally had to sit down and write…

So, last year’s class . . . man, that was positively the most enjoyable class, cooking or otherwise, that I have ever taken, and I’ve taken a lot. I can’t imagine anything topping it. You guys do a truly amazing job. Your food, your philosophy, your kitchen. All top notch and all things I highly value in my own life…

I have incorporated so many of your techniques and concepts into my daily cooking that I’ve become a much better home cook. Really. I pay more attention to building and developing flavors, and I cook more by taste and feel than anything. I’m also cooking more with what’s in season and what’s already in the fridge. Anyway, thank you.

All the Best,
Denise Kittleson

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Coming Up This Week & Next 'In the Kitchen'

Thursday, May 21 @ 6:00pm
$50 + tax
Incognito presents an opportunity to watch culinary skill in action during these hybrid cooking class/
restaurant events. Relax and enjoy yourself while Chef Mataio Gillis and his team of culinarians
create delicious meals for you and your fellow food lovers. Each Incognito menu is inspired by and
created using seasonal ingredients. The meals are served family style in the beautifully appointed In the Kitchen dining room. Conviviality is encouraged and reservations are essential. This multicourse meal is accompanied by a paired wine sampling. Full wine flight and bottles available for an additional charge.
For Reservations : call 927.4890 - or
Click here to reserve online - add to your cart

Private Party
Saturday, May 23
closed to public
'In the Kitchen' can be your private restaurant too! To use our beautiful dining room and kitchen for your private party or meeting contact Jessica at 360.733.1267
For more info see us online

Private Class - Knife Skills
Monday, May 25
closed to public
"hands-on class" - In this beginning course, you will learn fundamental knife skills, including safety, knife mechanics,
maintenance, and classical cuts. 'In the Kitchen' can be the venue for your private cooking class too! To use our beautiful dining room and kitchen for your private party or meeting contact Jessica at 360.733.1267
For more info see us online

Beginning Wednesday, May 27 9:00am until 4:00pm
"hands-on class" - If cooking is your passion, you may need a course that guides you through the fundamentals of
cooking. Join Mataio Gillis In the Kitchen for this 4-week intensive where you’ll learn to think like
a chef and build your culinary repertoire. Classes will provide hands-on lessons and will include
lunch and dinner each class period and a Global chef’s knife.* Classes are designed to develop
essential cooking skills and knowledge and will highlight seasonal ingredients and touch on the
techniques below:
• Safety, sanitation and knife skills
• Stocks, sauces and soups
• Cooking methodology, including searing,
roasting, sautéing, braising, frying and grilling
• Salads, vinaigrettes and vegetable side dishes
• Fish and shellfish handling and cooking
• Poultry—trussing, boning, brining and cooking
• Red meats—tenderizing, seasoning, cooking
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Chef in the Market
Saturday, May 30
11am - 2pm
Free Event @ The
Bellingham Farmers Market

Chef in the Market takes place the first and third Saturday of each month. The demo features a local chef showcasing fresh, seasonal items available for purchase in the Market. The idea is to promote our farmers and educate the public on how to purchase and prepare the abundance of local foods from our area. The demonstations at 11am sharp in front of the pavillion and will last approximately 20-30 minutes with samples and copies of recipes available immediately following the demonstration.

Chef in the Market Launch

We are very pleased to be able to launch Chef in the Market this year on Saturday, May 30th with some very special features. Thanks to Village Books and Sustainable Connections, we are welcoming author Shannon Borg and photographer Harley Soltes who will be promoting their wonderful book, Chefs on the Farm. They will be on-hand along with Village Books from 11am-12noon to sign copies of their book.

In addition, we have three fabulous chefs lined up to do demos that day.

11:00am Lynn Berman, Owner and Chef, Pastazza

12noon Michael Hannah, Chef, Bellingham Golf & Country Club

1:00pm Mataio and Jessica Gillis, Owners, Ciaò Thyme Catering

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