Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 in the kitchen summer/fall schedule - now available (see catalog below this post and click on pages to enlarge)

Summer is here...or at least it's supposed to be, it is starting to look more like Fall, however the produce is outstanding!

The 2008 Fall Harvest Dinner is selling out fast - make sure you get your tickets early this week. They are available at the Bellingham Food COOP, Village Books, and Sustainable Connections. We look forward to seeing you there.

Here are a few upcoming Classes to look forward to this month:

September 14th The 8th Annual Harvest Dinner at the Depot Market

September 17th Puff the Magic Pastry with Ashley Rodriguez

September 18th Cookbook Club with Kathleen Flinn

September 19th Incognito Dinner with Mataio Gillis
Incognito Dinner on the 19th of September is SOLD OUT!

September 22nd Knife Skills I with Mataio Gillis

September 23rd Quick Pickles and Basic Jams with Molly Wizenberg

September 25th Nimbus Incognito Dinner With James Winberg and Josh Silverman

September 26th Knife Skills II with Mataio Gillis

September 28th Incognito Brunch with Mataio Gillis

September 30th Mallard Ice Cream Tasting with Ben Scholtz

Also some very fun classes to look forward to in October and beyond...

Teens In the Kitchen on October 6th

Buying the Whole Hog - Acorn 2 - date to be determined.....

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